I Purchased From Amazon & Have a Problem With the Product. What Do I Do?

Ok, we all love Amazon for the convenience, quick/free shipping, and value...but what happens if you buy a product (any product, not just one of ours) and you want to return it?

This is the "not to love" part for both "sellers" like us and "buyers" like you who both value customer experience and the freshest, best products available.

This is because we can't guarantee that you bought our products from us. 


Yep, do you know who actually SOLD you the product?

Amazon 101

Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world.  This means it is their business model to have as many sellers on their platform as possible.  This means anyone, can sell anything, to anyone else.

Unfortunately, there are many unauthorized resellers that are illegally selling our products - it will still say from "Primal Pit Paste" but they are essentially knocking off our page and products. Yep, even deodorant can be sold from the back of a (virtual) van in a stinky alley.

Because Amazon protects all sellers, even what we consider illegal resellers, it is extremely difficult to identify who these sellers are and which products they are selling.  Many times these sellers are selling our products that have already expired or are not the freshest, and best formulas.

Also, if you have an issue with the product - if you don't like the flavor, form (stick or jar), or received the wrong or are missing a product these resellers are not going to help you. :(

We do not allow any other company to sell our products on Amazon (or online).

What to do?

We still care about you and your experience with our product.  You can help us stop these resellers and we can help you get the products you want and deserve!

Please do the following to get started:

  1. Send us your Amazon Order number
  2. Send us a copy/photo of the receipt/packing slip
  3. If you have not done so already, contact Amazon Customer Support and file a claim regarding the following:
  • order status shipments/tracking
  • order fulfillment questions/issues
  • damaged/missing items

For all other questions regarding your Amazon and/or Amazon Prime account via Amazon Customer Support:  Amazon Customer Support HERE

Thank you!

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